Stalwart Performance Services

We believe that a fit boss means a fit business, and fit teams are a competitive advantage.

Stalwart Performance Coaching helps leaders develop the clarity, consistency, and capabilities to become fit, effective, and resilient. We work with clients’ existing care teams to tailor our programs to each client’s specific needs.

Stalwart Corporate Consulting is focused on providing wellness coordinators, learning and development directors, and human resources professionals with the employee wellness and leadership-development planning and support they need to build and maintain fit, effective, and resilient organizations.

Stalwart Education Programs provide companies, associations, and event planners with entertaining, interactive, and actionable workshops that provide immediate value to audience members. Presentation topics are available on health, leadership, and performance topics that will give attendees concrete action steps they can take right away to become more fit, effective, and resilient.

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Performance Coaching Programs

Just Getting Started?

Executive Fitness Program

A 12-week bootcamp course to instill the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll finish with all the tools necessary to take charge of your own fitness and health. Using a ‘start slow, finish fast’ approach, you’ll build lifelong fitness & nutrition habits while identifying the real motivators that will make them stick.

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Taking it to the Next Level?

Stalwart Mastery Program

After laying the foundation of fitness, explore and improve the different dimensions of peak performance while also taking your fitness & nutrition to the next level. By the end of this 12-month course, you will have mastered the tools and habits necessary to lead a balanced, high-performance lifestyle.

Looking to stay on track?

Stalwart Accountability Program

Everyone needs a little accountability to stay on track. An Accountability Program is for you if you're fairly consistent with your habits but need some coaching to stay that way. Maintain your current habits, set new goals, and master new skills with regular check-ins and expert guidance along the way.

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Prefer In-Person Workouts?

Stalwart Fitness Studio

Need in-person fitness coaching? Are you post-rehab and nervous about getting moving again? Book a session at Stalwart Fitness, Donovan's private personal training studio in Hermitage, Tennessee. Come by for a one-time assessment, recurring check-ins, or a Hybrid remote/in-person training option.

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Stalwart Corporate Programs

Want a Healthier Workforce?

Corporate Wellness Consulting

Provides wellness coordinators and human resources professionals with the wellness programming and support they need to implement and maintain a thriving well-being program. We believe that a fit and resilient workforce is a performance multiplier and a key business metric.

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Building a High-Performance Team?

Resilience-Building Leadership Program

Resilient teams are a competitive advantage. Our leadership workshops based on the Resilience-Building Leadership Professional framework give leaders at all levels the tools to create an innovative, adaptable organization capable of overcoming challenges and growing from adversity.

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Want a Strong Executive Team?

C-Suite Performance Mastermind

Exclusive small-group coaching for your executive team allows your whole C-Suite to work together to make each other better. Get facilitated mastermind sessions and shared fitness challenges, along with individual goals and accountability coaching, so your executives can unlock their peak physical and mental potential as leaders and as a team.

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Looking for Interesting content?

Stalwart Performance Workshops

Bring nearly three decades of experience and expertise to your group or organization. We have a full range of workshops ready to go on fitness, stress reduction, energy management, and leadership, or we'll create custom content to meet your specific needs. Interactive sessions provide actionable takeaways to make everyone better.

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Delivery Methods

Most individual coaching is remote, using virtual meetings, a web platform, and a companion app to deliver expert coaching when and where it’s convenient for you. No more being tied to someone else's schedule and skipping workouts when there’s a conflict. You get a direct line to a coach to make sure you succeed.

Corporate Wellness Consulting and Resilience-Building Leadership Training can be done remotely or in person. We'll work with your team to design a program that's a perfect fit for your needs.

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