About Stalwart

Stalwart Performance is an executive well-being and leadership development company dedicated to helping leaders and their teams unlock Peak Physical and Mental Potential to achieve optimal performance, resilience, and balance in all areas of their lives. 

We believe that leaders who are empowered to thrive can inspire their teams to reach their full potential, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout organizations and communities.

Stalwart Performance Coaching helps leaders develop the clarity, consistency, and capabilities to become fit, effective, and resilient. We work with clients’ existing care teams to tailor our programs to each client’s specific needs.

Stalwart Corporate Consulting is focused on providing wellness coordinators, learning and development directors, and human resources professionals with the employee wellness and leadership-development planning and support they need to build and maintain fit, effective, and resilient organizations.

How it Works

So how do we help you unlock your Peak Physical and Mental Potential to become Fit, Effective, and Resilient?

Using a unique combination of Fitness, Leadership, and Personal Development Coaching tools, we’ll identify what’s really holding you back, then develop strategies to take the strengths that have already made you a successful executive and apply them to all areas of personal performance.

The bottom line is that you get 30 years of leadership and coaching experience dedicated to helping you be at your best to reach peak performance in Life, Leadership, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Peak Performance lies at the intersection of your Mindset, Behaviors, and Capabilities. All three are equally important, but we can't effectively focus on all of them simultaneously.

Knowing what area to focus on for the greatest impact - and when to shift the main effort - is the difference between frustration and progress.

Stalwart Performance has the expertise to coach you in all three areas - and the experience to tailor your program to exactly what you need at the right time.


Build mental models that help you get crystal clear on what's really important and help you overcome any obstacles to reaching your true goals.


Develop the habits, routines, and decision-making tools that get you the greatest results in the shortest time while reducing stress and overwhelm.


Improve your skills in all areas of overall performance - fitness, stress reduction, energy management, resilience, leadership, and more.


Donovan Manley

Founder / Coach

Founded by Donovan Manley, a retired Infantry Officer and Paratrooper, we apply nearly three decades of leadership, development, and coaching experience to help our clients be all they can be under even the most stressful conditions.

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