Executive Performance Coaching

Take the Journey to STALWART Leadership

In today's high-stakes world of leadership, the path to success is fraught with challenges. As an executive, you are constantly balancing your professional goals with your personal well-being. The constant pressure, relentless decision-making, and the weight of responsibility can often feel overwhelming. You may wonder, "Must I sacrifice my personal well-being and fulfillment for the sake of professional success?"

With Stalwart 1:1 Executive Coaching, the answer is a resounding, "No."

Stalwart's 1:1 Executive Coaching is the lifeline you've been seeking

Experience a personalized journey, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. This comprehensive coaching holistically addresses leadership effectiveness, physical and mental health, job performance, and resilience to unlock your full potential for professional growth and success.

Becoming Stalwart Through Continuous G.R.O.W.T.H.

Our approach leverages the GROWTH model - a proven executive coaching model supercharged with two additional, powerful steps:

G - Set Goals

We start by understanding your professional and personal aspirations, setting clear, achievable goals for our journey.

R - Describe Reality

We assess your current reality, identifying strengths and opportunities to form a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation.

O - Generate Options

We explore a variety of strategies and actions that will move you towards your goals, ensuring you have the right tools to navigate your journey.

W - Plan the Way Forward/Find the Will

We create an action plan, outlining the steps, metrics, and accountability measures, fueling your will to take the next steps towards your goals.

T - Take Action

We make sure you're not just planning, but also acting. This step is about accountability, providing the necessary support and guidance as you implement your chosen strategies.

H - Build the Habit

The final step in our model is about ensuring the changes you've made are sustainable and enduring. We work on building habits that will keep you on the path to success, long after our coaching journey concludes.

How It Works

Remote Coaching

Most individual coaching is remote, using virtual meetings, a web platform, and a companion app to deliver expert coaching when and where it’s convenient for you. We use our standard session agenda and the GROWTH Coaching Model to provide a structured framework for goal setting, problem-solving, and action planning.

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week, you'll share updates on your successes, challenges, and priorities using our check-in questionnaire. We'll give feedback on your responses via chat, video, or during scheduled meetings so you can make consistent progress toward your goals.

Coach Communication

Your coach is available between meetings via chat or phone for time-sensitive questions or when challenges arise. Your coach may also reach out to check on progress or to follow up on action items. You get a direct line to a coach to make sure you succeed.

Why Choose Us?

Stalwart Performance stands distinct in the field of leadership coaching and development. Here's why we make an excellent choice for your leadership journey:

Unique Expertise

Our founder, Donovan Manley, brings an exceptional blend of military discipline and corporate leadership expertise to our coaching services, setting the foundation for your transformational journey.


Our model provides an integrated approach, offering holistic personal and professional development. We understand the importance of balancing performance, leadership, well-being, and personal growth and have encapsulated it all under one program.

Holistic, Tailored Coaching

We tailor our coaching to each client's unique needs, focusing on overall growth and well-being. Our combination of positive psychology, leadership development, executive coaching, and physical and mental fitness coaching forms a comprehensive, personalized experience.

Continuous Support & Accessibility

From scheduled Zoom meetings to weekly check-ins and coach availability, we ensure seamless and meaningful communication to support your growth and goals.

Beyond Individual Growth

The ripple effect of our services extends to teams, organizations, and communities, fostering a culture of positive change and growth. With Stalwart Performance, you're not just choosing to grow; you're choosing to contribute to a broader transformative journey.

Elevate Your Leadership, Optimize Your Performance, and Achieve Balanced Wellbeing.