Executive Team Coaching

Unleash the Power of Aligned Leadership

Leadership is not a solitary journey. It's a team effort, requiring collaboration, alignment, and mutual understanding among all members of your executive team. However, fostering a synergistic environment that elevates collective performance while respecting each member's individual aspirations can be a daunting task.

Our Executive Team Coaching program is designed to create cohesive, high-performing leadership teams that drive organizational success. This dual-faceted program combines personalized 1:1 coaching for each executive with collaborative sessions that focus on aligning the leadership team around shared goals, vision, and strategy.

As with our 1:1 coaching, individual sessions leverage the GROWTH model, ensuring every executive's personal and professional growth aligns with the collective objectives.

The collaborative sessions, which can be conducted either through web conference or in-person, draw upon concepts from the Build & Lead Resilient Teams program and Red Team Thinking. Together, these approaches foster a shared vision, establish performance objectives, and define strategic alignment.

Becoming Stalwart Through Continuous G.R.O.W.T.H.

Our approach leverages the GROWTH model - a proven executive coaching model supercharged with two additional, powerful steps:

G - Set Goals

We start by understanding your professional and personal aspirations, setting clear, achievable goals for our journey.

R - Describe Reality

We assess your current reality, identifying strengths and opportunities to form a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation.

O - Generate Options

We explore a variety of strategies and actions that will move you towards your goals, ensuring you have the right tools to navigate your journey.

W - Plan the Way Forward/Find the Will

We create an action plan, outlining the steps, metrics, and accountability measures, fueling your will to take the next steps towards your goals.

T - Take Action

We make sure you're not just planning, but also acting. This step is about accountability, providing the necessary support and guidance as you implement your chosen strategies.

H - Build the Habit

The final step in our model is about ensuring the changes you've made are sustainable and enduring. We work on building habits that will keep you on the path to success, long after our coaching journey concludes.

Why Choose Stalwart Executive Team Coaching?

Individual and Collective Growth:

By integrating individual coaching with collaborative sessions, we ensure that personal development and team progress go hand in hand.

Resilient Leadership:

We infuse resilience in every aspect of our coaching, enabling your team to navigate adversity and come out stronger.

Goal and Vision Alignment:

Through our use of assessment tools and facilitated discussion, we create a shared vision and align your team towards collective goals.

Strategic Performance Planning:

Using the same Red Team concepts military planners use, we assist in establishing performance objectives and devising a strategy that maximizes your team's potential.

Convenient Delivery:

Individual sessions are delivered via web conference, while collaborative sessions can be either online or in-person, providing flexibility to meet your team's specific needs.

Proven Methodology:

Positive Psychology Coaching, GROWTH model, Red Team Coaching, and others tools that form the backbone of our approach are all proven methods and are the ensuring evidence-based results.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership team?

Unite your executive team. Harness the power of collective resilience.

Drive your organization to unparalleled success.